Gallagher i Series Energizer Remote

SKU: G50700

Find fence faults quickly.

This remote and fault finder enables users to quickly and easily locate and repair faults on your fence line.


Send data straight to your phone.

This remote is fully compatible with all i Series energizers and Gallaghers Ag Devices App.

Simply connect your i Series Energizer to a WiFi Gateway, sync the Ag Devices App and data will be sent straight to your pocket. 


Warranty: 3 years


Download the App from App Store or Google Play.


Features and Benefits:

  • Accurately measure fence voltages and current
  • Find a fault on the fence quickly and easily, within a zone
  • Once fault is located turn the Energizer off remotely to allow safe and convenient fence repair
  • A powerful fence management tool - one remote can be used on multiple energizers or use multiple remotes on one (or more) Energizers
  • Rugged and reliable with a tough, water resistant casing design
  • Compatible with the i Series range of Fence Energizer Systems and the MX7500 Fence Energizers
  • Maximum voltage rating 15 kV
  • 9V battery included (6LR61).