Gallagher Large Geared Reel

SKU: G63150

Want to make strip grazing easier ? Problem solved.

 Long life animal control

Built to last, the Geared Reel is hardwearing and easy to use, with practical features such as a transport lock and heavy duty gearbox for simple fence set up. The galvanized hook allows for easy attachment to fence and comes with a wire guide for tangle-free winding.

 Power the back of your farm

This Geared Reel is for larger capacity farms where dependable power is required. The reel has a 2:1 gear ratio for a fast wind in on your longer fence setups.

 Features and Benefits:

  • ​​​Large galvanized hook for easy attachment to fence
  • Complete with wire guide for tangle-free winding
  • Impact-resistant hub
  • Fast wind-in (2.7:1 turn)
  • Shatterproof reel lock
  • Carry handle with knuckleguard for safer use
  • Handy storage for Gallagher Insul-Grip (free/attached) or gate handle
  • Holds 3,936' Polywire or 1,312' PolyTape or 2,624' of Turbo Wire
  • Can be attached to Galvanized Porta Reel Post (G63300