Gallagher MBS2800i Multi Powered Fence Energizer

SKU: G315514

This Multi Powered i Series Energizer range has all the smarts of the i Series system with the the ability to power your energizer your way - Mains, battery or solar. 

Powers: 20 kilometres 300 acres of fence

Contains: 28 Joules of stored energy

Suitable: For all types of animal fencing

This energizer provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately so you can take action to save time and money.

Fully compatible with i Series accessories for peace of mind with 24/7 remote monitoring and control, including Gallaghers Ag Devices App. 

Warranty: 3 year warranty

Download the App from App Store or Google Play.

Features and Benefits

    • More power, where it matters - i Series technology delivers more power to the end of your fence line, adapting voltage output to power through fence faults
    • Peace of mind with advanced monitoring and remote technology - i Series accessories provide 24/7 remote monitoring and control. The Gallagher Ag Devices mobile app provides real-time information about your fence performance, alerts you of fence faults and allows you turn your fence on and off.
    • Power your fence, your way - Mains, battery or solar. Energizer comes complete with a mains and battery lead set for all power source options (battery and solar panel sold separately for battery and solar powered solutions)
    • Engineered to perform in the harshest of farming conditions - Proven to perform in extreme temperatures, with built-in lightning protection
    • View fence performance in a convenient location - Energizer Controller shows your fence performance information in a convenient separate display that can be located outdoors up to 50m away from the Energizer

Performance Characteristics

  • Approx. Acreage: 195 Acres joules
  • Stored Energy: 28 joules
  • Output Energy: 15.5 joules