Gallagher MBS800 Multi Powered Fence Energizer

SKU: G390414

Designed for mains, battery or solar installations.

No matter what your power source or location, the Gallagher MBS Energizer range provides a high performing and convenient animal control solution.

 Powers: 32 hectares of fence / 10 kilometers 

Contains: 8 Joules of stored energy

Suitable: For all types of animals 

Easily set up portable or permanent installations in any location. Once installed, the LED bar graph on the energizer indicates fence voltage performance.

Features and Benefits:

    • Turn on and forget - Energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun

    • Use any power source - Designed for mains, battery or solar installations up to 32 Hectares/40 KM.

    • Superior performance in all operating modes - Reliable fence voltage irrespective of your power source

    • View fence performance at a glance - LED bar graph indicates fence voltage performance

    • Check battery health in an instant - LED bar graph indicates your battery status

    • Use in the harshest of farming conditions - Portable, water-resistant case, with built-in lightning protection

    • Fast, flexible installation - Easily set up portable or permanent installations in any location

    • All leadsets included - Mains, battery and fence leadsets all included with the Energizer

    • Protect your battery - Smart battery management algorithm protects the battery from being over-discharged and permanently damaged