Gallagher Poultry Netting

SKU: A207015

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This all-in-one 35” tall poultry net is an ideal solution if you need to move your poultry frequently. The netting fence is easy to set up and can also be used for the permanent fencing of poultry.

Just attach a fence energizer and it's ready to keep poultry in and their predators out. One roll weighs only 23 lbs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats and cattle (except baby chicks small enough to crawl through openings)
  • Keeps out most predators with a Gallagher energizer
  • Turbo braided wire provides superior shock, allowing power to be carried along multiple lengths of netting
  • Keeps animals in and predators out - 11 conductive horizontal wires with vertical strings spaced every 3 “
  • Netting comes complete with all posts, just unfold and step in. Multiple nets are easily joined together for a longer fence
  • Includes netting, 164' net contains 14 double spike posts; 82' net contains 7 double spike posts, carry handle, warning sign, and repair kit