Power Arm Integrated with Permanent Hi Tensile Wire and Wood Posts Package

$9,186.00 $10,036.00

Integrate Rangeward’s exclusive Power Arm with hi tensile permanent electric fence for a cost-effective way to provide Managed Regenerative Grazing.

Hi tensile wire provides common electrified fence and Power Grazer with electric reel provides a portable back fence, forward fence, and a fence for the paddock you are going into.

Package Includes: 

  • Speedrite 36000 energizer 36 joules. Rated at 360 km of one wire fence. Cyclic wave technology, bi-polar technology for winter and dry conditions, voltage indicator lights and half voltage terminal. Comes with a remote - on/off fault finder as part of the energizer package.
  • Power Arm complete with one ½ mile reel of Power Braid Reflective Rope and battery to 7 pin wiring harness.
  • 2 additional reels of Power Braid Reflective Rope
  • 150 Gallagher Standard Pigtail posts
  • 9 of ½ mile soft tie Gallagher Hi Tensile wire
  • 500 pkg of wood post claw insulator
  • 5 of 6 ft galvanized ground round package.
  • 1 of Zap Gate Kit – makes 7 Zap Gate bungie gates
  • 1 of joint style L shape wing nut
  • 10 of inline wire tightener
  • 25 of high strain insulator kit
  • 1 of permanent inline wire tightener handle
  • 1 of hi tensile fencing pliers and wire cutter
  • 1 of Fence Volt/current/fault finder
  • 1 of 164 ft of 12.5-gauge double insulated wire for under gates


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