Power Grazer Trailer with Power Arm Package

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Use a Power Grazer to provide perimeter fence and electrify a ¼ section, then use the Power Arm to easily strip graze. Everything you require is in the package for bale, swath, or corn grazing. Just take it home and put it to work.

Use it all winter – then use the same equipment for managed cover crop/grazing in next years cereal rotation. Regenerative Agriculture Management made easy.


Package includes –

  • Power Grazer – 6000i – 6 joule energizer, 100 amp hour sealed deep cycled battery, 100 Gallagher standard pigtal posts, and 1 mile of Power Braid Reflective Rope on an electric reel. Everything you need for 1 mile of fence.
  • Additional 1 mile of Power Braid Reflective rope prewound onto the Power Grazer Reel, providing enough rope for the ¼ section perimeter.
  • 200 additional Gallagher standard pigtail posts. (300 posts in total). This provides portable posts for the perimeter plus posts for the forward and back fence required to strip graze within the ¼ section.
  • 3 additional 6 ft galvanized ground rod kits and 20 ft of 16.5-gauge double insulated wire for ground rods.
  • Power Arm complete with 2 half mile reels prewound with Power Braid Reflective Rope. This provides and fast and easy way to strip graze.
  • 4 ZAMMR handle gates


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