Range Ward Power Grazer


An electric fencing assistant that makes including or excluding livestock as fast and easy as possible. Grazing in a sustainable manner is now more efficient than ever. Power Grazer is also solar powered for remote use and convenience.

Standard Trailer includes a Gallagher 700, 140-watt solar panel, 100 Gallagher standard pigtail posts, 100 amp/hr deep cycle battery, one mile of Gallagher Turbo Braid Rope. Everything you need for one mile of portable electric fence. 

*If you are adding an extra mile of Turbo Braid Rope to your reel, you will need 100 more posts.

Power Grazer Tailer on Youtube, Courtesy of Farm TV


Features and Benefits:
    • Cattle and horses are easily contained or excluded from areas
    • Provides an inexpensive portable fencing solution for swath and bale  grazing
    • Provides a temporary electric fencing system for managed intensive grazing – (MIG)
    • May be used in the management of rest periods for grass land ecosystems by providing temporary exclusion of the grazing animal
    • Provides a labour efficient fencing solution to increasing or decreasing animal impact through the management of stock density
    • Provides a portable, inexpensive fencing system for the exclusion of animals from industrial sites such as oil and gas development
    • Provides fencing solutions used in biological eco-maintenance and reclamation of disturbed soil in grass land ecosystems
    • Provides a solar powered energizer which may be used to power 35 miles of permanent electric fence in remote areas.


*Shipping costs will not be automatically added to your order for Power Grazer at checkout. Due to the size and weight requirements of this equipment our team is standing by to arrange the best freight services to deliver to your area. 
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