Two Mile - Four Wire Package

$4,536.00 $4,775.00

Four wire electric fence - Compare us to your standard 4 barb wire fence

Two-mile Package Includes:

  • Speedrite 6000i - 6 joule energizer complete with remote on/off/volts/fault finder
  • 164 ft of 12.5-gauge double insulated wire (under ground for gates) (G62702)
  • 3 galvanized 6ft ground rod kits
  • 16 coils of ½ mile 12.5 gauge hi tensile soft tie wire (A303)


Regular Price is $4,775.00/2 miles  - That’s just $2388.00/mile of fence. And you still have an energizer large enough to add another 4 miles of fence.


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